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As part of the "Development of digital and green entrepreneurship in Algeria" project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by GIZ, the Ministry of the Knowledge Economy, Start-ups and Microenterprises is organizing "GreenTech Algeria 2023" program from 11 September to 30 November 2023, with the aim of promoting the green economy.

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September 11 - November 30, 2023.

The main objective of this program is to catalyze green technological entrepreneurship in Algeria. To achieve this, the program will support project leaders in the creation of new products, processes and services in the following areas:

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The aim is to curtail waste generation, particularly hazardous waste, by promoting the reuse and recycling of waste, as well as enhancing the efficiency of waste treatment with innovative solutions.


By promoting sustainability within urban environments. This entails the promotion of sustainable building materials, the advancement of eco-friendly transportation solutions, and the reduction of air and liquid pollution.


By promoting the production, storage and access to renewable energies, in particular with regard to the decentralized production of solar energy and the conversion of renewable energies into green hydrogen.


Through the development of cleaner production technologies to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on the environment, in particular those damaging biodiversity.

Mitigation and adaptation
to climate change

Through the development of innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This encompasses enhancing resource efficiency within export value chains and supporting households and businesses in adapting to climate change.

The GreenTech Algeria 2023 support program is structured into two integral phases:

The Bootcamp: An intensive 4-day practical training program that equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the green tech landscape.
Technical Support Program: A 4-week initiative designed to provide ongoing guidance and assistance to project teams as they navigate the complexities of green entrepreneurship.

At the end of these programs, participating teams will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions before a panel of experts, who will select the deserving winners.

Program timeline

11-09-2023 Call for participation launch ceremony

14-10-2023 Registration deadline and selection of five projects by theme

22-10-2023 - 24-10-2023 The Bootcamp

29-10-2023 - 22-11-2023 Support and training program

23-11-2023 Pitch session and selection of winners

30-11-2023 Awards ceremony of the winner of each theme.